13 March, 2008

Balady, Watany, 3alamy

Egypt, Masr. Alexandria. Are some names I call my home. Know it isn’t the greatest place one can live in, but it is a place I can call mine, and no one can take this right away from me.
I feel homesick when I am away regardless the place I am in, even when I was in hij or Omra, despite the serenity and calmness all around me, still something deep inside is crying to return home.

For me Egypt isn’t just the place or the people or climate it is a mixture of all this plus a lot more I cant put in words. It hurts me when I hear words like
البلد دي معفنه
البلد ددي عمرها ماحتنضف
الباد دي عمرها ما ادتني حاجه

Egypt is changing for the worst, but yet, lots are fighting this change and are working hard to keep its true identity and values.

You can hardly find any family in Egypt who haven’t sacrificed for it in one way or another and also lots of people feels gratitude and debt that should be paid back for the country.

While lots now feel they owe nothing for this country, and there is no hope and they enjoy what they received cause they paid for it and they owe Egypt nothing. They don’t want to work or add value, as Egypt isn’t worthy of their efforts and cant wait for a chance to leave and immigrate abroad.

I owe Egypt the education I received, the place I live in, the environment I work in and giving me a place I can call home.

I want it to be a better place,


Me said...

Oh... ya askandarani... you spoke my mind... I work, pray and long for it to be a better place...
I came back less than 3 years ago after having lived all my life away.. and never wanted to leave it... never... and now am going to leave it again... you can't imagine how much that hurts... you can't imagine

E N G Y said...

I was about to post about it!!:))
You are too much right, and I feel the same when I hear ppl talk badly about her, I asked someone once..when you say "el balad di zeft,bakraha"..who you mean..the ppl or the streets??
The country never hurt, won't ever let us down..we hurt each other and let each other down..some hurt us and we hurt others..it's a cycle we go in the country has nothing to do with this..masr ya3ny kobry asr el nile at cold night, the sea in summer time..the winter and summer..streets even unpaved ones.
masr isn't the one responsible of regheef el 3ees ele b 0.5le..masr di gameela awy..7abeebty..you know Sherin's song "mashrebtesh men nelha..garabt tghanelha"?..beautiful song, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Sorry I disagree, Egypt is not kobry asr el nile at cold night, the sea in summer time..the winter and summer … it is people in around everywhere, the place to me means the people leaving in that place not just the walls and ground … and excuse me people is turning to be the worst they can ever be. I can not love it when I walk in the streets and being mugged at 6.30 pm in the most crowded street in Alex. and no one cares … I can not love it when MEN in my country change the rules to be “Men First” not ladies first in driving, in service queue, even in booking a cinema ticket queue. I can not love it when I am being hurt in an accident and the ambulance asking if I am foreigner or Egyptian before they come… if they ever come... I can not love it when I feel like a valuable human being in another country which they always call its people the most racist, while I can never feel respected it on my own country. Egypt for me like the first love that distorted with time.

Shimaa Gamal said...

بلادى و إن جارت على عزيزة و أهلى و إن ضنوا على كرام

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

كلام جميل
يصلح كمنشورات ظريفة لتحمس الشباب

i always beleived that my home land is the best, no matter how bad it is

but when i hardly can put food on my table

when i am treated like a third class being

when there is no spirit of help or respect in the streets

when every one wanna take a peace of me - whether by robbing or harrasing -

تكون النتيجة الطبيعية فقدان الانتماء ومحاولة الهروب

لو عاملنى الاجانب على انى مواطن من الدرجة الثالثة هقول حقهم... ما انا مش من بلدهم

انما لما يكون ابن بلدى هو من يعاملنى بهذا الشكل... ايه حجته

اتمنى لك هبوطا سالما على ارض الواقع