13 March, 2008

a sad walk take 2

This is a follow up on my post,
Comments made me feel even sadder, it became “normal”. In the good old days, a woman aiming to be picked up usually confined herself to certain attire, certain places and somehow agreed upon body language. Can’t make a pass to a woman unless somehow I see a sign of agreeableness otherwise I am dead meat. Now we aren’t talking about making a pass, but physical harassment bardo in the good old days a harassment action can only be translated as a rape attempt and was responded to accordingly.

Now, it is different, the assumption of all females are potential targets, and all males are sex freaks is the prevailing one. No indication, so don’t test the waters, just jump right in, and no one will interfere. Victims wont talk and you will live another day to tell your conquests and triumphs.

I am not pro women and against men, cause friends tell me stories bardo about men being put in the same shoes of women.

Can’t ignore the effect of religion, I personally believe people who pray, go to Omra memorize Quran increased in the past 10 years. But what is diminishing is how such practices are reflected in ones personality and behavior.

A revolution against traditions and separation of religion beliefs from our daily lives. Sounds like the golden formula for chaos


Shimaa Gamal said...

You know el moshekla di sababha maloosh 3elaka bel deen, wala el traditions wala ay 7aga mn di.
el moshekla di leeha 3elaka bel tarbeya. ya3ny el shakhs el metraby, either ba2a 3andoh deen or not will never try doing such a thing. I personally know people, beysalo we ye7ego we ye3mlo 3omra and still will take the 1st chance 3ashan yedkholo fi makan za7ma and steal touches.
el sha3b el masry na2es rebaya. and men are sex obsessed. heya di el moshekla

Anonymous said...

you know the only good and optimitic thing about these series of posts is that there are still respectable guys around...God bless you