29 March, 2008

stay tuned for updates

Egyptiana, thanks a mill for the comments and describing me as dreamy, some folks would be shocked if this word is associated with me.

Pink unicorn, I am looking for the book, pls do share books that touched you, blog more and don’t restrict yourself with bright posts, let it flow

Nile girl, where are you at lady.

Donzela, miss reading you, last posts reminds me of Salvador Dali.

Rihab, Marwa, Heba congrats on the new books. VIVA le Revolution.

Jade, ur young, with 40tish experience, try venturing in different territories
Nesrina, Nermina miss reading u gals. seems banking is killing your souls

Hechcok, miss reading you, and miss ur pics of alex

Eman, blog more, change the black background and increase font size, nevertheless,
ur on top of blogs I chk daily.

Nourita, I met a Moroccan doctor while I was in Hij, he instantly reminded me of u. share some pics of morocco and how life is like their
Maksofa, touched,


Pink Unicorn said...

Thanks for keeping me on the list :)
I'll try to blog more and vary the posts
And I thought you noticed I couldn't keep up the happy thoughts ..
Thank you again .. and wait up for the coming posts ..

Pink Unicorn said...

I also hope you would do the same and blog regularly

Eman said...

is it me "Eman" on that list !!!!
m the one with the black background and the irritatin font size :))
yepppppy it is me on the list :))
i salut u dear sir :) thanx 4 been nice 2 a strange soul.

Eman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

:) i know ... i see what the others cant see ... after all you share with us your deep dark inside

have a lovely weekend sweet thing

Jade said...

eh dah eh dah?
what is this stuff about "try venturing in different terretories"
Dude if I tread anymore terretories, I will conquer the world!!!!!