19 April, 2008


Another trip in the train, this time from cairo, though their were several spree of posts on the blog but they were all stale may be dating 2 months back. Yes almost 2 months away from blogging and all the previous posts were on my laptop for several weeks waiting to be sent.

This backlog should give you a peak on my mental state of mind. Anyways, a tiring trip, lots of going betweens and no car.

Seems I am carrying a sign indicating that I am from planet Alex and I should be charged extra for commuting when possible started using the tube and if not the yellow cap (aka cairo cap) and I end up paying less and a thankful driver for the extra tip, a refreshing ending rather than “mesh kefaya ya basha”


E N G Y said...

It's not a sign dear friend, it's the Alexandreian accent:))
I had only few words with new co-worker then I asked "are you from Alex.?", he paused and replyed "it's like it's written on my forhead":)

Askandarani said...

i knew it, just the other day was talking to a coworker from cairo, she sudenly said, askandarani askandarani. i knew it was the few words of english i spoke that gave me away ;-)

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

i agree... it is maily the accent

and it is very obvious even if u try to hide it

get ready for cairo :) cairo people likes to torture those from other governorates :) heheheh kidding ...