12 March, 2008


Another round of apartment hunting in Cairo. Reba mcentire singing into my ears “because of you” next to follow Pavarotti, then all time favorite “some where down the road” and just cant find “in the jungle the lion sleeps tonight”. anyways.

Juka asked a question, about how we plan our lives and how we set plans for ourselves and if we come through with them. A real mind teaser.

16 gosh, back then I was in high school, trying to survive the jungle with little thought to my studies and thinking about sanaweya and how things will change after that.

True turning point was when I joined business school. This was when I started picturing my self being 25, 30, 35, 40 and 55. Plans were set with landmarks to be achieved in each stage.

Nothing turned out as planed in terms of carrier or personal life. Cant say it worked out wrong or worked out right, but it worked out just fine. Different, but yet satisfying. Can’t say I regretted a lost or taken chances. If times goes back, I may have done things differently, but not to change what I have now, rather to try new things and test new grounds.

Things never work out as planned, as we move along the path of life our goals change, our inspiration changes, things just work out alright and for the best. (cant believe I said it)

Super stressed, super duper stressed. The spark inside me just went off, a nuclear bomb is needed to get me started again, nothing is done with passion, just done cause it needs to be done, cause it urgently needs to be done.


Shimaa Gamal said...

This post reminded me of a conversation I had with someone. It was about our dreams and goals.
I said that our life is made up of little dreams. We start giving up those dreams out of adaptation. We might end up with a good life but it is sure nothing like what we wanted it to be.
I don't know if satisfaction can fill up the missing gap between what we signed up for and the things we end up having.
I don't know how and why something can make us feel satisfied one moment and the next moment we are back on the road wondering why nothing ever worked.

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

that was touching .. it seems that your deep dark inside, is our deep dark inside ...

i hardly remember that i made any plan in life... maybe because every time i do it... i FAIL?!

i decided long time ago the following:
- live day by day
- dont put plans
- dont dream
- dont hope or wish for anything

am i too depressed from the course of life... maybe ... but it is more peacful than fighting and loosing !!!

i wonder those who say that they can change the course of their life ... are they real, or just try to draw a fake model to follow so we wont give up life and just .... die in silence

nothing is done with passion... i just do it ... cause i have to

so cheers my freind, you are not alone :)

ps: writing is my last stronghold ... i am praying to keep it