12 March, 2008

Kotob Khan

Finally, I went to El Kotob Khan. Just as I pictured it, though I thought it would be more spacious. And it turned out they had a loyalty scheme Kaman. My friends never told me that. ( want it back value) and also I took a quick glimpse of Karam, wanted to stop the car and go out and say hi, but held myself back. ( I saw Henedi just beside me and didn’t say hi, saw mostafa shehate face to face and didn’t say hi bardo but wanted it to say hi to Karam)
No I am not having a crush on her and for the record we never met, but been following the Kotob Khan almost since it opened and felt it was someone’s dream coming true. Here’s and the only private business I really wanted to have.

Prayers go to her, and may she open a second branch in Alex.

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Shimaa Gamal said...

One of my business dreams along with the lingerie shop, resturant, internet security company was to have a bookshop like the one FOX was going to open in the "you got mail" movie. I wanted to have something as big, but runned the way Meg Rian's shop was runned. I had a whole plan on my notebook of ideas. But as all my other ideas ... ra7et ma3 elly ra7o fi 7arb el yaman :)
bas so2al, hat3mel eh lama yefta7o fi el Alex? you are moving to Cairo anyway :)