29 April, 2008

2:55 am

This what the times reads now, couldn’t sleep for 2 hours been trying but still nothing. Lots of ideas are flying in my head just like the dog fights in maverick.

All are related to moving to Cairo, how much I will pay for renovation, electric equipment I will be getting, furniture and car. My parents, sister, work and study. I am not questioning the why, I am questioning the how.

Shall I start big, bring the best or just start with things that will get me started. Shall I invest heavily or not. How much savings I must end up with for marriage.
Fellow bloggers, pls dig in with me in this, share your ideas and experiences. What are the essentials, what are the luxuries and what are the things that are always forgotten. Where to buy them from and for good price.

The car thing, what to get in the range of 60-65k don’t want an Egyptian assembled car. Currently focusing on Kia Picanto or Hyundai i10

I checked my RSS feeds for new posts of my favorite blogs but nothing, all empty. Except a very sad post I couldn’t even comment on. Seems all are away. I miss reading lots of people. I tend to think happy thoughts for the ones I cant communicate with and try to believe in them.

Want to go to Omra. I want something that costs 4k for 10 days this is an urge that is killing me. I miss Ramadan awi.

Want to read a new book, want to experience new feelings want to feel the satisfaction of learning something new.

It hurts awi.


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...


Eman said...

will i know someone who wants 2 sell his car Regada 86, i know that u want another something car : ))) but 4 me it is all cars and i think u can give that a chance ... his name is Haitham 0181811144.

Eman said...

about the 3omra :)))) u can call someoen there he can fix u every thing u need +66509800110, in the range u want isa , wish u the best

Eman said...

the last comment i promis and i m out of here :)))
if u r hurt awi, that means u r alife awi and that is a good sign of been alife good for u, and some how i didnt feel pain 4 u , i felt happy 4 u. it shall pass and the less unexpected thing will happen and take u 2 the seventh sky.
Trust in God and surrender

Pink Unicorn said...

I wish I could give some advice or directions .. but actually my experience on the topic is very close to nothing .. I'm sorry.

don't you have a friend who actually lives in Cairo so he\she could help?

I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling so well ..
big moves do that to us .. and you're only human after all ..
it's ok to worry a bit ..

cheers ..

nourita said...

I feel you terribly sad, I’m not happy at all with that!

Should not you be exited abt moving to your own appt? Starting new things…new life maybe
Who knows what will happen?
it may be worth seeing and experiencing new things…
If I were you I wont give up the idea of buying the 32 inch Lcd + home cinema ;-)
I would go further in furnishing my home, personalizing every single corner…
Most important is that it should look like you and be comfortable
You’re the one who is going to leave there…
Regarding marriage, I don’t know what you mean by “saving”
I can’t tell much…

Be well Askandarani!

Anonymous said...

As I red in your posts you don't want to make any changes in your house when you get marry so you should make it nice from now. For electric equipments you can get it all from carrefour.
About the car why don't you think about a Lanos it's a very good car trust me I has it for six years and it's perfect.
About Omra, we all wish to have this chance but when God want it to us, my opinion is you have to have some change anywhere in Egypt till you have the chance of Omra.
Best of luck to you.