14 May, 2008

apt thoughts

For the second time I chose an apartment, prepare it and make decisions regarding the little things in it alone. Always dreamt of going shopping with Her, she do all the talking, choosing and bargaining and I just sit on a chair exhausted from all the walking and driving and just watch her arguments. I end up asking friends and relatives make a chk list put prices in the corresponding Column and see my bank account balance.

I am building a house not a home, doing it cause I have to not cause I want to. And thought I may afford luxuries others cant still I envy them for long discussions regarding to buy what, from where and for how much.

Still I am going for the 32’ LCD with the home theater. And may even sacrifice a bigger car to get it.

Speaking of which. Inshaa allah will be going for the new Hyundai i10, though in love with the i30, but will play it cool and go one step at a time. I10, i20, i30.

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Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

why everything seems so different when it is shared with someone... with the one... tatse sweet... full of life ... even problems... even hard times

i feel you ... i dream like you ... i ... wish!!