19 April, 2008

Interesting phrases

Interesting phrases I heared this time

Basha, is it allowed transferring pigons in the underground, or I will end up paying a 10 pound fee? ( a mid age man in the underground)

Your name contains Mohamed, why do you have an attorney named Girguis ( a lady in el shahr el akari)

A friend asked if he could link his laptop to the TV and use it to watch encrypted satellite channels through obtaining codes from a server via his mobile phone.

Midan el mesaha have the highest number of beggars in one place

In one of my calls, the man had a big German shepherded dog, who was waiting to jump me as soon as his owner wasn’t looking, speaking of stress interviews)

Been a real chocoholic in the last week, thanks for the support of my friends who kept chocolate flowing to me from the four corners of earth. And NO I wont talk about my weight.

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Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

i love your sweet sense of humore... this post is exactly what i need in a gloomy morning like this one :)

what attracts me akid is the comment of the woman in el shahr el 3akary

how ur name is mohamed, and have a lawyer called guigis:

الفتنة والاضطهاد تغلى تحت السطح
واقول نستاهل يضطهدنا الغرب... اذا كنا نضطهد ابناء بلدنا لمجرد انهم اتباع دين اخر

تحياتى يا عزيزى وصباحك سكر

PS: i think piegons can be transfered via underground with a little fee, 1 pound for each :P:P:P