24 April, 2008

Sweet 33

To day I turned 33. 33 is considered the age of Ahl El Jana. Had a long lecture from my parents highlighting I am not “young” anymore and I should start taking care of my “health”, “body” and “diet”. Exercise more and to settle down. The lecture was triggered by news I told my parents about colleagues of mine who started suffering from stress related diseases and simply showing their ages. Coupled with my latest blood test which showed “VERY” high levels of bad cholesterol.

Think by now I am no longer a “young man” or fall in the category of “youth” nevertheless I am not sad or giving it too much thought, on the contrary I woke up this morning, wanting to wakeup a thing I didn’t experience for quite sometime. El hamdulelah I feel happy and content, maybe cause I feel satisfied with the past 32 years or satisfied with the decisions and plans I have for the coming years. I have no worries just hopes.

A BIG thank you goes for all people who remembered my BD and for their sweet words and wishes.

On a different thought, I never forget a friend of mine who was a heavy smoker though he hated smoking, I told him you are reducing your life expectancy, and he said it is exactly what I want.

And Bernard Show famous quote “youth is wasted on the young”

And a friend who taught me a very bad habit of asking “akhbar el taga3eed 2eh” when I know it is someone birthday.

اللهم أصلح لي ديني الذي هو عصمة أمري، وأصلح لي دنياي التي فيها معاشي، وأصلح لي آخرتي التي فيها معادي واجعل الحياة زيادة لي في كل خير واجعل الموت راحة لي من كل شر


Cesario said...

Youth is a state of mind.
Age is just a number and you're 33 years young.
Have fun with your life, it's all we've got as humans.

Jade said...

Hey - just saw this & wanted to wish you a happy brilliant birthday. Your parents are right, though age is truly just a number & if you are young at heart you are young forever...but no harm done by starting to take care of yourself...

GOod luck in all you do & Amen to the final prayer...

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

belated Happy birthday wishes sweet askandarani

i wish you had fun, and may god bless all your days

33 is young... thirties generally... i consider them the best age of humans, for they possess youth and maturity

so enjoy the time, and i second your parents on .... TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH

ps: i agree with cesario
youth is a state of mind
i feel i am a 1000 years old :)

nourita said...

Happy birthaday!