24 April, 2008

From Sarah With Love

“From Sarah with love” sending in the background as I update the blog.

Ok, loneliness is a killer I need to focus more on my study, work and reading. Those things really “must” take my mind off things and that feeling. Need to focus more “FOCUS” and think I need to socialize more L. The last thing is a toughy. I hate the feeling when I stop thinking loneliness hit, even if it just the few seconds before I sleep. I really wish I can skip those seconds, I would do just fine.

i am out of here now, they are playing show me the meaning of being lonely

From roastery, mehatet el raml, over and out


77Math. said...

from sara with love
is Soo lovely song...
i like it !

no talking about loneliness at exam days ! :-s

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

"the few seconds before I sleep"

i exhaust my mind to an extent that no one can imagine... i kill my brain with all sorts of things, i dont give myself a chance to think at all... but ... everytime i think i succeded in reaching my objective... those few seconds give me devilish smile at me... and my memories and lone feelings pour all over my space

who ca fill this GAP?
can u tell me?
even when i am with everyone i am lonely
even when i socialize i am lonely
even when i am with someone special i am lonely

so who can fill my senses, and chase away my loneliness???

it is a dark hole in which we were left for too long... until it became our home, and shelter... fear of others... fear of the outside world... and the concept of "i am away then i am ok"

ps: فيه سحابة وردية فاضية جنبى ... تحب احجزهالك؟

:( what a morning ... your words are exactly what i need to have the grayish day ever :(:(:(