18 June, 2008


Been away fro sometime, maybe the longest time I have been away from blogging. Don’t know if this is related to my broken laptop or too stressed to sit down and let it all out. Won’t spill negativity in this post but will mark the high point that I came across.

My mobile had some really incredible falls and still functioning.
Finding 3 m&ms when I think I already finished.
Seeing an old friend during a short stay in Egypt
Unexpected invitation for lunch and I do have time for it
Meeting old friends and laughing my heart out till it hurts
Someone crosses my mind and exactly the same second I find her calling my name
Finally finding Shania Twain complete discography
Being offered a kitkat chunky
Randomly meeting a very dear friend with her beautiful child
A sweet thank you message from a friend

un expected gift from a friend

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Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

:) god ... i love it when you write about hope... i just read a post at Mo'men "The Great Misconception of Me" about small things in life that cheers and bring back to the hearts the essence of life

true.. if we look around, we will find a lot to live for... we just need to get our heads above the mist of regret, guilt, anger, loneliness, pain... i bet we will see a sun smiling, and other aspects of life

now i remember the vodaphone new campaign يالا نعيشها بشكل تانى

god bless you my freind :)