18 June, 2008

ya fashel ya fhasel

Having very tough time in my post grad studies. Think the last subjects were some how related to nuclear physics, space-time continuum and time travel. With great emphasis on how to solve such topics manually with the aid of a basic calculator.

To cut a long story short, I handed in an empty mid term paper, didn’t hand in any of the assignments and skipped the final (naturally), oh and to spice things up I hade a critical mistake in a presentation.

The feeling of going through each question in the midterm and not being able to solve and going from question 1 to 5 was an experience of it own


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

postgrads are not easy dear... so take it easy on yourself ... i know how it feels, as i have studied IT related materials which requires coding and programing... and all my colleagues seems to do it easily... but i never felt i am fashla ... cause i tried and i succeded to have some of the best grads :) i even had my grad with merit :)

you can do it... i believe in you ... go get them TIGER :D:D:D

Eman said...

u need 2 hear the song , take it easy by the eagls :))) cher up my man ,u did ur best and the rest in teh hand of GOD, cher up and it is not a failing it is a step 2ward success and it will b very grand isa