25 July, 2008

Me being reckless

This is me driving the Verna on my way from borg el arab, was tempted by the empty road to see how fast I can go. And voala, the attached pic.

Children, don’t ever try it, older children, NEVER try it


Shimaa Gamal said...

My sweet brother, has a similar picture. mesh 3arfa ba2a kan gayeb kam. Almost everyman I have known 3andoh sora zay di, nefsy afham what's about speed and men?!

Anonymous said...

Men are into being the best in everything, fastest , tallest , having the biggest whatsoever , owning! the most beautiful lady , ... blah blah blah

jessyz said...

hehehe i think what was more reckless was taking the picture, at high speeds you should have both hands on the wheel!