16 July, 2008

you are mine

came across this poem in Marwa Rakha blog, just how true, some women do have the talent of planting such seed inside the souls of other, even unintentionally and their victims are forever blessed or forever cursed. hope u enjoy it and suggest a cure.

I will drop you in the deepest of oceans
but like a message in a bottle
you will swim to my shore.

I will fly you in the highest of skies
but like a homing pigeon
you will land on my window.

I will let you loose in the busiest of streets
but like a domestic cat
you will stray back to my door.

I will throw you out in the coldest of nights
but like a christmas gift
you will adorn my tree.

I will let you go and walk away
but like the son I never had
I will hear you calling my name.

When you were not looking,
in your core
I planted my seed.

Before you know it,
I shall grow in your soul
like a leafy tree of a hundred years.

I will toss you and turn you
hurt you and burn you
chew you and spit you.

I will hold you and hug you
kiss you and caress you
inhale you and crave you.

Lose yourself in my passion and rage;
Surrender your weapons;
Come unarmed for I will invade you.

I promise to do all that and more;
Do not resist me;
You are mine.

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Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

life... is complete when the masculin and feminin powers are integrated!!!

women know well this fact... and accepted it, long long time ago... but men :) still cant bare the feeling of being attached with a hidden bond to a vulnerable fragil being.. called.. a woman

you are mine...
i marked your soul with my flags
i tattoed your eyes with my face
i owned your thoughts for the coming thousand year

do you fear me
do you fear love

do you hate me
do you hate passion

run away
you will come back
for you know that as you are mine
i can never be ... but yours

the cure is to satisfy your thirst from passion and love

thanks for the inspiration :D