13 July, 2008

Was a film I didn’t get its name showing on TV the other night, Hala Fakher was acting the role of an Egyptian teacher who is getting older, the doctor just told her it is too late to have children and just then an old man propose to her and she just want to be happy, despite material delights (new mobile, ice cream we keda ) she experienced nothing brought her the feeling of joy.
She love an old student of her who grow to be a fine young woman and she wants her to experience the happiness she never did.

Though never got to end it and the film seemed rather cheap, but was really touched.
{ومن آياته أن خلق لكم من أنفسكم أزواجاً لتسكنوا إليها وجعل بينكم مودة ورحمة} الروم 21،

This what our Quran tells us about marriage and what we should be like and search for in the relation always the word تسكنوا fascinated me just the feeling of me returning home after a tiring trip and the feeling I experience when I through my weary body on the bed. And the words of موده و رحمه both words are used to describe Allah الودود و الرحيم

I think of the words and their meaning and think of myself and people around me, I pray that no one is deprived from such experience. I pray really hard. May Allah make all our homes full of love, care and mercy.
Ya rab u know the people I pray for.

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E N G Y said...

esmo "bel3arabi cinderella"..I guess I know what you are talking baout here...!!