31 August, 2008


I am a text person, I would prefer texting to a phone call. Find it more convenient, easier and to the point. I get to skip the call introduction, ending and just cut to the point.

All my devices are text optimized ( a qwerty keyboard) planning my next mobile to be an E71 or an Iphone ( yes nerro, I am giving in to the pressure, way too cool)

Always I love e-mails. Something magical about it, not the forwards, but the old fashioned e-mails, though now being replaced by Facebook. Wall to wall and an e-mail clone. I miss the old fashioned pagers, a great invention that never got its fair chair in the Egyptian market and over swept by the cell phone.

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Nerro said...

lol, I am a text person as well
you will love the Iphone..people might tell you it is not good w bta3 bas honestly it rocks :D, you only need a few add-ons an u can reach the moon