24 September, 2008

Driving in Cairo

Ok, I admit it, I enjoy driving in cairo more than alex, the thought it self never crossed my mind, but here it is, I admit it.

My work is almost a 21 kilos from home, and somehow I enjoy driving it, parking isn’t as bad as I had expected, but u have to pay extra, and some how satisfied with the fuel consumption of the car.

This is my own personal point of view, on the other side, fellow drivers sees me as a menace. Don’t know is it my driving or the license plates I carry. One time a young lady in a black corolla shouted at me, think she was saying r u crazy, but her car window was up and couldn’t quite read her lips but the gestures she made indicated she was really furious.

Hope the honey moon isn’t over, as inshaa allah tom will experience driving when schools are officially in.

Nevertheless, for the chic in the black corolla, sorry, and for other drivers, come on we put up with your driving when u were in alex, it is my time to call in all the favors and u put up with my driving.
Malaki alex has a big benefit, whenever I take a wrong turn or drive slowly in search for an exit, I have my excuse.


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

heheh, ok i dont wanna shock you with reality.. you will discover it yourself .. but you cannot judge cairo in ramadan in summer and before eftar

cairo is different in winter, school time, ordinary days .. so so so much different :P:P

enjoy :)

Pink Unicorn said...

I don't know .. I never imagined this could be true ..

Driving in cairo is a living hell .. that's what I've always heard

But either ways , I hope your fun lasts

Anonymous said...

though it seems weird for me, hope u enjoy more about cairo

Hechkok said...

hehehehe, good for you, for me you enjoying cairo driving means others are suffering from your driving in Cairo which is quite good for me.
Good luck with your new life.