24 September, 2008


I like maadi, though hardly been to it before, but it has this familiar feeling with some places in alex, don’t know is it the greenery, street style or what.

The street I live in is somewhat quite, but narrow, parking isn’t a pain as it used to be in alex. I am in a walking distance from compume, radio shake, ragab sons and my all time favorite kotob khan.

I really want to walk around more and know the naiepgherhood, but Ramadan time is soooo short. Till now didn’t find a good mosque to pray in, but alas, ramada in almost over and yarab my vacation goes as planned.


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

i love cozy neighborhood.. i am glad yours have all places you like

maadi is a very nice and quiet place.. people are good too.. and the hand of chaos didnt reach it yet

god bless you and your new home my dear freind

Anonymous said...

ALEX will miss youuuuuu :)