24 September, 2008

more on why i hate cairo

I hate cairo, lots of memories, first day was the toughest, every step of the way seemed to have a certain memory.


She dropped me off here once

We met here for a minute

I bought her a little something from this store

We had lunch here, or dinner there

S joined in

Where I first told her I love you

Maadi only holds one memory, which is the last one, the most profound one of all.


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

that is a heart breaking post :(

i use to think like this .. and ifound myself closing my eyes in some places, have tears when i pass by others.. and i end up staying at home and not going out at all ..

but.. i had to do something about it, i couldnt imprison myself in these memories .. for a very simple reason : i live here.. and as you started to live in cairo too .. you have to get out of the circle of memories

it needs training and effort.. and above all a will

i am not saying to forget.. but to neutralize the place.. and remember only the person.. n the feeling
only then.. you will b in peace

insomniac said...

after some times spent walking in the same street and reliving the same memory, the memory ends up losing its effect, or it becomes too faint... bel manzar da ana makontesh ha3raf 7atta a3od fel beet :)