31 October, 2008


Ok, E-government, now I book all my train tickets via www.egypt.gov.eg it is working fine, the main drawback that I have to book 3 days in advance, come on. A day before is just the same, it is easy, efficient and spares me a long drive to ramsis station.

I always print the confirmation, though I don’t have to, but all train conductors carry a pen and like to tick the tickets (mmm tick the ticket have to google the origin) and don’t want to ruin decades of tradition.
Just like the big bell in the train station that no one ever use but all train stations don’t feel right without it.

And though using the latest technology in the train authority, still they had me flagged, no chicks khalessssssss.

Note to self, even if I sit with ms perfect, most probably will keep to my self and stay silent


Shimaa Gamal said...

even if you kept silent sitting beside Miss Perfect kefaya her presence mesh a7san mn mafish :)

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

wow, e-booking is sure an amazing service..

i think i will book a ticket just to try the service.. but is it safe to use your credit card ???