31 October, 2008


I miss rain awi, when it rained in alex I was in cairo, and when it rained in cairo I was in alex.

I loved walking by the sea side before it rain, and watch gray clouds punch together and became thicker and heavier, I could almost feel the weight. Then it rains.

Every time it rains I feel it differently, rains with strong wind, rains with no wind, big drops, small tiny sprays, warm drop, hot drops.

But the thing I love the most how when the rain is finishing I see bright skies and white clouds in the horizon, this always gives me hope.

And when it is over, the smell of the weather, trees are greener and a friend once told me the receiver dishes are brighter.

I am a winter guy, though I started to hate the cold as I feel lonelier and miss Her more.

Ps. Want to buy a new blanket, know any stores in maadi, actually, if anyone who reads me lives in maadi, pls get in touch.

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Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

ouch.. you have a real bad luck my freind ... but tell you what, dont be depressed, cause it rained in cairo, and i was in cairo, and saw nothing .. :(

i love rain cause it purifies my soul .. and allow me to listen to the soft whispers of the sky ..

i am just the same in liking the end of the rain time, clouds are revealing the divine light ... very spiritual moment ..

i cant wait till it rain ... and i wish at that time to be walking in the street to enjoy the pure crystal water around.

although i love winter, but it makes me feel extra lonely ... it is the need for warmth !! human emotional warmth ... :(