11 October, 2008

My Oblivia

oblivia, it is a blog I have been following for quite sometime now, she talks about her divorce experience, how it is affecting her emotionally, her family support and the community point of view.

I keep and open eye in my readings for what made a love story turn so ugly. How a man she loved and aspired to turned to an incarnation of everything she hates in this life and the mere thought of him to make her sick.

I hate divorces, it ruins lives, but sometime it is the only answer for a sick situation, it takes two to tango, it takes two to make a marriage work and it takes two to make a marriage end.

I witnessed 4 divorces, in all 4 I thought there is yet a chance things would be back to normal, but no one was willing to walk the extra mile, all were exhausted, felt the sacrifice they gave were above and beyond the call of duty or any human being capacity. And thought it is the other side turn to walk the extra two miles. And it just ended. Their lives after the divorce isn’t the same, though extreme efforts to make it as civilized as possible but it always turn out messy for all the parties. And eventually the children are the ones who pay the full toll of it.

On the brighter side, on my way to the train station I passed by a hair dresser in Cleopatra who seemed is participating in the group wedding organized by sporting club, he has tens of brides just sitting outside his shop waiting to be picked up by the bus and for him to put his final touches.

A prayer goes for this man and all the couples getting married tonight, may they lead a happy life and may allah give them patience and endurance to continue through their sacred journey in this world.


Shimaa Gamal said...

Sometimes it only takes one to ruin a relationship. And sometimes, it doesn't really worth giving.

insomniac said...

a smile found its way to my face when i read my blog title on ur blog, flattering :))

for whatever it's worth, i keep my eyes open and my mind alert to find whatever it was that made things go from an extreme to the other... i have a list so far :) but the fact that the word "extreme" is mentioned has a lot of weight into it.

i believe any divorced couple can find it in them to go back to a marriage and make it work, IF they could end things civilly and refrain from humiliation one another, which in my case did not happen...

i would like to think that the kids suffering in result of a divorce is not the only option... i would like to think that some kids are better off, i need to think that way because it's my only option really :)

thanks for the ref btw :)

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

the sacred journey... the holy union ... if only they know!!

i agree with shimaa that it only takes one to ruin a relationship .. unbalance between rights and duties of both parties is also a key issue

everything turns ugly cause everything beautiful is stained with anger and selfishness

and i dont wanna be pessimistic when i say that all relationships are meant to end in a way or another ... it is life...

being single is not so bad after all :)

what do you think ?