11 October, 2008

Hand writting

this is a picture of my handwriting, it is awful, childish, small and filled with spelling mistakes. This is why my typing is fast and my word processing skills are high.


Marionette said...

if u think that ur handwriting is aweful , u really need to see mine.

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

:) i dont remember how my handwriting was.. cause i mainly type ...

but i remember it was beautiful .. now i dont have the time and patience to hand wirte.. and if i do, all the words would look the same with few hints that only me can understand to recognize the words.. what's funny is that i sometimes cannot read my own handwriting :D:D

no time... no patience... life rhythm is too fast to care about small things .. alas, these small things gives taste to life!!

wish you speed recovery my friend