06 November, 2008

فكم من فتي امسي واصبح ضاحكا وقد نسجت اكفانه وهو لا يدري

I had this as a facebook status for almost a week, some found it to be a reminder other just thought it is me being me and one threatened to kill me if I don’t change it.

A young man, studying abroad, from a wealthy family, engaged and on the right track to lead a happy life. Sudden death, sleeps and never wakes up. Less than a month ago

A young police officer, dies in the line of duty, single, young and as called by a fellow blogger only a child ( this jus in today)

A young lady, mid twenties, losses her fight with cancer and dies, less than a week ago

This is a reminder, who knows,


Brownie said...

yeah, death scares me and i feel that i never ready for it.
last Ramadan, a young man died in a car accident who was about getting married in Eid el fitr.
it came to my mind that we keep worrying about future as we r living forever.
اللهم أختم بالصالحات أعمالنا

Shimaa Gamal said...

Yes, he was only a kid. A really good kid. Killed with one bullet into his heart.
Not only his death elly yekhaly el wa7ed yefakar, but the way he died and the things he died for.

Rabena yer7am amwatna gamee3an

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

i dont like such reminders, cause death doesnt need a reminder, it is a well known fact

and i believe that such reminders are only obstacles that keep us from living ..

i cannot claim i am ready to meet god.. still i am not afraid .. cause i know how merciful he is