06 November, 2008


A:You need to get out of the circle, u need to move along, u need to meet new people and have some fun into your life.

Me: I am fine, (lying) just need to finish my EMBA, thesis, pending cases and start new ones.

A: you need to get out more often, have new people into your life. U need to تلاغي , تصاحب , ترافق
Me: is there difference between those three?

A astonished: off course,

تلاغي is having someone u can casually talk to, txt, mail, chat dine with a couple of time

تصاحب is all the above but involves more going out, spending more time together the talk is more mature and involve some sort of commitment, you should be their when the other party needs you.

ترافق involves all the above and getting physical as well, but no threads attached.

Me: how come a higher level of commitment and yet no threads attached?

A: this is advanced for you, you wont be able to understand it.

Me: ahsan bardo

A: change ur face book status, it is really depressing,

Me: it is a reminder. Who knows.

A: ka2eeb moot.


Brownie said...

just don't listen to him.

Shimaa Gamal said...

ya3ny mesh ana lewa7dy elly ba2ool! and you never LISTEN!!

ana mesh 2olt el options di before?? howa lazem ya3ny khabeer agnaby??

bas I am so happy you now know the definations :) taree2 el alf mile yebtedy bekhatwa wa7da ...

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

tayeb eh ra2yak ta7'odha 7'atwa 7'atwa

nebda2 be el mela3'eya :D:D:D:D


common babe, admit it .. you need a WOMAN i your life ... not your mother, not your sister, and not your freind ..

dont be stubborn and just do it