22 November, 2008

Dream :-(

I had a dream, I literally mean it, and I remember it Kaman, I hardly remember my dreams, but I remember this on vividly.

It was night, all dark around me and I was walking to wordth a well lighted place with few people scattered in it, it was El Roda. I was happy and walking fast, then a beautiful blond woman with white complexion in a red dress, with sleeves but were open she was really beautiful and tempting. But I hated her awi, felt she was filthy couldn’t stand the sight of her, was trying to avoid her and walk around her, but she kept showing in front of me and I kept avoiding her, then she held my wrist in an attempt to stop me and I felt so dirty and needed to go back to atwada and when I returned back to the light place, it was very crowded and couldn’t find a place of my own.

I woke up.


Brownie said...

u have to know the interpretation of that dream and inshaAllah khir..it may be just a warning message

Brownie said...

Allah knows the best

Biko said...

Do you think HER is that lady?