22 November, 2008

Economic concerns

If we stop trading with villains we will run out of people to trade with

On another somehow related, trade will show a significant decrease, 2009 will be a year filled with challenges on many levels. Main income generating activities will be affected ( tourism, Suez canal, FDIs and all our export sector)

And people are becoming more interest rate cautious, preferring interest rate as the main benchmark compared to other factors.

A friend told me Egypt never had political risk; it is the social risk we are worried about now
Egypt is so fragile now and egyptians aren’t helping out.

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Shimaa Gamal said...

Actually Egypt had always faced political risks. The social risk Egypt is facing is due to a political status, what Galal Amin calls "3asr el dawla el rakhwa".

But how can Egyptians help out? Do you know what is the thing that has always been killing capitalism? It is the assumption that personal welfare is always infavor of the community welfare. Which is wrong.
Egyptians can't help Egypt unless the government puts a plan to guide Egyptians to help Egypt.