22 November, 2008

"you are my best friend"

You are my best friend, but don’t feel myself as yours. This was the catching phrase for the month of September. Though it isn’t over yet.

My true best friends are scattered all over the world now, no one is left in Egypt and communication is getting thinner as time pass. I lost the ability to reach out and make new friends not to mention best friends.

I remember
Marwa Rakha article about horizontal and vertical relations, I was never into horizontal relationship, always vertical till a certain depth. People who try to make horizontal relationships with me usually hit a granite surface and they just wash off.

I miss the feeling of being able to talk to someone and let it all out, without being judged or taken for granted. Miss the occasion call of how r u doing, lets meet, lets talk it out over a cup of hot chocolate.

I am growing old, feel like a dinosaur and miss the feeling of joy.

Humming in the back of my head
the tigger song, lonliest me


Shimaa Gamal said...

who decide the depth in ur vertical relations?? :)
I couldn't help posing this question out of el 3'alasa :)

You know, I guess one more time you are being stubborn, even when it comes to friends. I mean you can always miss certain people because none can fill someone's place. But you can always find different types of joy and another levels of satisfaction. Just stop shaking the packages and accept the gifts the universe gives you.

Anyway, you are stubborn but I never lose hope :) You know the rain drop always win the battle with the rock ;) and you will always be my best friend

زمان الوصل said...

أستطيع أن أتخيّل المقصود بالأفقى و الرأسى .. ربّما لأنّى لم أهتم فعلا أن أوسّع صداقاتى أفقيا و كنت دوما أفضّلها رأسيه فالعبره فى النهايه ليست بالعدد "إذا كان استنتاجى صحيحا بخصوص المعنى"

اكتشفت من حوالىّ عامين أن كل صداقاتى القويّه لم تأتى بالترتيب !! و أنّى غالبا لم أكن الطرف الذى سعى لبدء صداقه :( و من ثمّ وجدتنى فجأه بدون أصدقاء حين قرّر بعض الأصدقاء إنهاء الصداقه من طرفهم !! كانت حاجه غريبه فعلا أن أحاول عمدا تكوين صداقه و فشلت المحاوله قبل أن تبدأ و وجدتنى أعود لنقطة الصفر فى انتظار صداقه تلقائيه و ليست صداقة صالونات :)

Marwa Rakha said...

Vertical relationships take time, effort, and a lot of emotional investment .. this is why the risk is super high when they go belly up.

Do you have the time, effort, drive, courage, emotions, and patience to build a true vertical friendship?

If the answer is no .. then welcome to the world of grown ups:)