22 November, 2008

Egyptian Ipod - Data Plans

I hate vodafone, and mobinil. Why on earth are they offering the Iphone for 3.8k!!!!??????? cant believe the price. Personally, I thought 2.5k would be the sweet spot given heavy usage. But unfortunately they are selling just the device, as if this isn’t enough, but a strapped from GPS and Arabic support, not to mention other Iphone drawbacks.

Bas Vodafone is trying to compensate the high price with a special discount for selected price packages, which mobinil didn’t say a word.

For me, for now bye bye iphone, will wait for the nokia E71 ( messenger of steel) or even better nokia E75


I hate Vodafone big time now, my data bill for this month is sky high (GggggRRrrrrrr) I hold you fellow bloggers the responsibility for this. ( kidding) I really hold youtube and facebook responcible. For this month bye bye youtube, and facebook will chk via mobile.
Etisalat egyot seems to have the best data price plan now.
Ta3atfak lewa7do mesh kefaya.

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