08 November, 2008

Some blog to remember, some blog to forget.

I am thankful for blogger, and thankful for lots of people who helped me become a blogger. Blogging had helped me through some really tough times, ease my loneliness when I had no one to talk to and a venting place to let it all out.

I met some really interesting people and got attached to. Some of them disappeared with out a trace, others have changed. I look to the counter I have and I wonder, how come I have so many hits, did all those people come here and spared the time to read a piece of my mind and others shared a piece of their mind along.

I lost count of the number of posts, number of comments or for how long I have been blogging, but I am thankful for this invention.

I hardly comment back on comments on my posts, this doesn’t mean I don’t care, on the contrary, I feel really happy when I get comments I read them over and over and over again.

For all my visitors, thank you. For all the people who put me on this track thank you, and for the ones I miss reading, pls come back.


Me said...

Keep blogging askandarani... don't be like me :-D... I don't know why I stopped... even though I still read blogs... I guess "maleesh nefs" to write for some reason...

nourita said...

hey Askandarani you scared me!

I thought you will stop blogging

I enjoy reading your posts , ALL of them and sometimes keep reading the same post several times , the comments left...

each time I read your posts , feel like if I met an old dear friend and had a nice chat over a cup of hot chocolate...
thanks for sharing with us pieces of your life:)

زمان الوصل said...

وأنا كمان :-) أشكر التدوين جدّا رغم مشاركتى سابقا فى العديد من المجموعات البريديه و المنتديات لكن فى مدوّنتى أشعر أنّى فى بيتى حيث لا يستطيع أحد أن يشعرنى أنّى غير مرحّب بى .. الشعور ده بيضايقنى جدّا .. شعور إنّى مش فى بيتى و حتى فى الحياه الحقيقيه و يبدو أنّى نقلته معى لعالم التدوين ..

من المؤسف أن التدوين ليس له شعبية تقنيات أخرى مثل فيس بوك أو التشات رغم أنّى أراه أفضل منهما بكثير ..

سلام ..