20 December, 2008


At this time of year I sit and contemplate on the year as it draws to an end. Cant say 2008 was one of the fine years or bad years but rather one of those years that I took lots of decisions in it that I know will affect my life drastically in the years to come. I just pray that I took the right decisions and for 2009 to be more gentle to me cause God knows I really need to put my mind to peace.

Bye bye 2008 with your infinite loop and welcome 2009, may you bring joy and happiness for everyone


Shimaa Gamal said...

May all your years be good years.

The.I.inside said...

You seems to be one of these blogs I always read and hardly ever comment, so happy new year, and May be 2009 brings joy to all of us,

Cesario said...

"should old acquaintances be forgotten"
I have never really understood this song, but maybe it signifies closure. I always like closure of anything.
Closure is really comforting.

I wish you happiness and closure, may you enjoy the new year and the years after.