26 December, 2008

Askandarani and the secret of the lost socks.

I have one missing socks, it vanished, I checked the laundry basket, bedroom, shoes and in the basket, doubled checked the washing machine itself so it wont be stuck in it also checked my pijama pockets and still nothing. I think my washing machine is a socks eater (better explanation than the haunted apt hypothesis)


Shimaa Gamal said...

I have an aunt who would always say that we should never wash socks and small items by themselves in the machine, such things should be put in a bag so that the machine won't litterally eat them.
I prefer to go the theory that says that there is a 3afreet in need of a clean pair of socks don't worry he will return them as soon as he find his :p

The.I.inside said...

socks are mystical creatures who always seems to disappear in the laundry leaving being only one of the pair.

nourita said...

I would opt for the haunted apartment hypothesis