13 December, 2008

Been thinking of sending this msg to several people I know, but never got the courage to do it

What are the chances of you saying yes if I ask you out for diner?


Anonymous said...

u r thinking of asking someone else out??? :(((
well this is a new definition for a heartbreak :(

So who r the lucky candidates?

Anonymous said...

do u really wanna to ask all ur friends or a certain one?

E N G Y said...

hmmm, good question?:)
I think usualy ppl don't ask friends out for dinner..friends just agree on meeting on dinner!

But naswering your question, if those frineds are male, it'd sound a bit weird, if those friends are females,it'd be less weird inviting them out, but make it lunch, dinner sounds late,night and a bit romantic!!

PS: why all the comments from anonymous?!!;)

nourita said...

i will accept :-)

this is not a new definition of heartbreak...i don,t agree
may be Askandarani is just looking for some compagny, good food and some friendship chatting

Shimaa Gamal said...

Nora :)
Trust me, it broke my heart in a way

Anonymous said...

pls do:)
you've to give it a try

nerro said...

several? this doesn't sound special ya3ni. well, I would say you gotta take your chances buddy..