20 December, 2008

Reality chk

I met someone who knew my blogger side before knowing the real me and when I asked about the differences she found between me and askandarani she listed the following.

Askandarani is sweet, soft and a humetaian

While me is stubborn, tough, practical, shy and get bored easily. And a totally new note “he convince himself the woman in front of him is anything but a woman so he can communicate”

Why am I sharing such a note, simply because I am afraid in the blog I may reflect a more “ideal and refined” reflection of me

اللهم اجعلنى صغيرفى عينى كبير فى اعين الناس عزيز عند خلقك ذليلا بين يديك


زمان الوصل said...

حاجه لطيفه جدّا إن الواحد يلاقى حد يقدر يساعده فى المقارنه دى .. صحيح الكتابه بتخلّى الواحد أحيان كتيره يبدو مثالى من غير ما يقصد يمكن عشان طبيعة الكتابه فى حد ذاتها مفيهاش انفعالات قويه ولا عواطف لحظيه فكل شئ بيبقى تحت السيطره -وفى قول آخر السندره- بينما فى الحقيقه ردود الافعال ريل تايم

E N G Y said...

I guess it's the same u!..may be u just feel more free and be more urself when u r not communicating face to face.

It's normal to be a bit different from ur e-virsion!:)

Shimaa Gamal said...

Well, I guess I knew the real you before meeting the blogger side.
I have to disagree with some points.
I don't think your blogger side is soft. Your blogger side is more sharing than your real side.
You can't be stubborn as you blog but you are a stubborn. You are far away from being tough, at least in the bad meaning of the word.
Shy?! Get bored easily????!! Both relative. You might be shy on someone's scale and bold on another.

I totally disagree with the new note of “he convince himself the woman in front of him is anything but a woman so he can communicate”
Because as far as I know, you can communicate with women. But the fact that you don't flirt around doesn't mean you convince yourself that you are sitting with a creature other than a woman else you will fail to communicate. You communicate but you spare the woman infront of you the wandering eyes and the two meanings words!!

I guess her opinion was biased by her preception of Askandarani.

There is no difference between you and Askandarani. It is just like when you read a novel and when you watch a movie adapted on it. Your imagination plays a bigger role adding to the novel when you read it while the movie leaves nothing for your mind to add :)

nourita said...

I agree with Engy , it must be the same you