20 December, 2008

loan sharks

Huey, Dewey, and Lewey were introduced to a loan shark, the story is a typical scenario that lots of adults face in real life, if you get it to you kids give it a shot and read it, u may learn a lesson. They had their happy ending, but in real life, I hardly find a happy ending

Speaking of mickey, I noticed when they have a beach seen they tend to color the bodies of the “female characters” found it strange, as the old mickey never did that. Somehow reminded me of Burda ( a female fashion magazine mom used to buy) think the Arabic version that was sold in KSA had all skin parts of the women painted in black.

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زمان الوصل said...

لسّه بتشترى "ميكى" الجديده !! أنا هاحاول ادوّر على الأعداد القديمه فى المعرض اللىّ جاى إن شاء الله ..
بس على فكره طلاء النساء بالألوان مش بيحصل فى "ميكى" و نسخ "بوردا" العربى بس بيحصل كمان فى المنتديات و احيان يقطعوا راس الموديل عشان السيّئات :) و بيبقى لطيف تقضّى بعض الوقت محاولا تخيّل شكلها قبل ما يقطعوا رقبتها كان عامل إزّاى ..
لكن إيه اللىّ يخلّى "نهضة مصر" تعمل حاجه زى كده خصوصا و هى صور كاريكاتيريه تقريبا ومش بتمثّل بشر حقيقيين !! جرررررررر