20 December, 2008


I love cilantro, staff are nice, ambiance is the closest that comes to my definition of a cafe (harries is ok, but they are too stiff ) and their ingredients are always fresh. BUT

When I go to one of their branches it is ok to pay the bill, cause I am being seated, served and enjoy all the above, but when they launch a small 2 man stand with no seating arrangement, thought their prices would be lower, but still they charge the same prices. ???!!!!! for a sandwich, juice and a cookie to eat on my desk I feel I am paying a fortune, though they maintain the same quality they should slash their prices a bit.


Eman said...

for more than 3 years may b, it is the best place i love, still i lost my intrest in it 4 been more way 2 crowded and full of smoke :))), and i think about what i pay as the same u do, it deserves the amount paied or not?

زمان الوصل said...

هو انت امّا بتركب اتوبيس و تقف بتدفع نص تذكره؟ ده حتى أمّا تركب القطار و لو مش معاك تذكره و وقفت ممكن تدفع تمن التذكره و غرامه كمان يعنى اكتر من اللىّ قاعدين :)) و فى افضل الظروف بتدفع تذكره كامله زيّك زى اللىّ قاعد

و بعدين كفايه السندوتشات بتاعتهم ساقعه ده سبب كافى انّك ماتحبهمش :( ده إحساسى الشخصى يعنى ..

E N G Y said...

I like their hot chocolate the most, but last time I went their "and that was just for a mug of hot chocolate" they told me that there is no hot chocolate since 2 months, when I asked later they told me that there is some probems with the importing the beans and stuff!!

PS: Cilantro is one of the holding companies I am working in:)..so again, you are in love with my work :P

nourita said...

I discovered Cilantro, purely by chance
I was desperetely looking for a good cup of coffe, not a "nescafé"

I like their coffee, hot chocolate; used to like their juice
but i don't really enjoy eating their sandwiches

I think i agree with you, it is a bit expensive ,