19 May, 2009

لا شماتة في الموت، وكلنا من هذه الكأس شاربون، وإلى هذا المصير ذاهبون

I am really sad, despite all the titles and ranks the truth was a father carrying the body of his first born to the final resting place, I know the impact on the grand parents is much profound. May he rest in peace and my Allah grant his parents patience and strength.

Was talking to my mom and told me she cried when she heard the news as she didn’t realize how much she loves Moubarak.

At the end of the clip the body is escorted by a handful of men while all the crowd is around his father and uncle, despite who we are eventually we will be left alone and be a distant memory, the kid was only 13 and I am 34

استغفرك ربى و اتوب اليك من ذنوب احصيتها و نسيتها

For this little child and all children, may you rest in peace and may your death be a constant reminder for us that all lives are precious and unique and in the time of grief only condolences should be offered.

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