16 May, 2009

M i c k e y M o u s e

I will share two of Mickey stories that I found really fascinating

The first one involved Dahab and Fada in one of their famous battles to win business deals from one another.

So Duck Town is making this new skyscraper and both of our heroes want to win the bid, the first bid they make was identical, which make the mayor makes another bid.

While fada go and focus on cost cutting and control, Dahab go buy the related suppliers for such project, and when the time comes to see which tender wins, Fada slashed his offer, while Dahab reduced his offer by a pound or so.

Fads won the bid, but must buy from Dahab, a true story about supply chain management and power of suppliers.

The other story is about Dahab bardo and Sonya, and her famous quest to steel the first penny Dahab made and melt it in mount Vesuvius to gain the touch of Meads.
Her crow highlights an important fact, she doesn’t need Dahab’s penny, she already got the luck charms of almost all the rich people which is enough, and voala she got the touch of medas, but she isn’t satisfied.

A classic case of losing focus and being distracted from the main objective, even worst the mean becomes the end itself.

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زمان الوصل said...

The story about supply chain management is so much in time for me :)