16 May, 2009

Schizophrenic Me

Now I know the motive that makes some people seek unorthodox solutions for their own problems, just pure desperation, in hope that a solution will be found.

So I tried homeopathy, a sort of an alternative medicine to help me find a solution for the problems I blog about and never talk it out loud.

My homeopath is some how an old friend and who is also one of Her’s old friends, I had the first session and another follow up session and been prescribed two remedies a metal based remedy in the first session and in the second follow up session a plant based remedy, which I googled and discovered the plant in its normal form is used for the treatment of boldness ( a good side effect, though I am satisfied with my current state)

So my homeopath now knows everything about me even the blog thing, she even took a look at it, I do pity her she spent round 3 hours a time listening to me, I didn’t know I could be so much talkative, she even videoed the sessions, I even punched in some of my favorite Mickey stories that I found to be a brain tickler.

The thing that I am really benefiting of is talking in a loud voice, which is totally different from silently thinking it over, blogging it or talking it out with a friend who interrupt my thoughts and end up adding his 2 pennies for the talk.
Talking in a loud voice scares me, makes the impact of my words different to my mind, as if the loud voice talks directly to my conscious me and the feed back I get is what is this pathetic talk coming out of a pathetic person


E N G Y said...

How difficult it is to talk about what we are keeping inside for years or so!!
Great you took the step, I can't do it myself!!

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

when i keep thughts in my mind .. i have nightmare

i have to talk it loud .. to release it ... to let it go .. to discover its new aspects ..

i talk loud to my best freinds and even to myself

voice is magic .. even if it our own

glad u took this step