06 March, 2010

7ad fahem 7aga?

During the week end I had the chance to watch two movies, one was ‘rasayel el bahr” and the other was “cairo times”

I related to both, Cairo times is about the cairo I want to know better and explore

While “rasayel el bahr” was about the Alex that is trying to maintain what is left of its old beauty and to stand tall against all brutalities.

The scene that really caught my attention ( beside the one in the atelier) was the bawab who kept shouting loudly and preaching about Islamic rules while he is the same one who helped the gangsters to break in the apartment and defame the man and the lady and to continue scolding them in the street

This seen hit me deep inside, of how Alexandria evolved from a multicultural cosmopolitan city to a more fundamental perspective with less tolerance and acceptance.

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