06 March, 2010

B: nice apartment

A: thanks, I am trying to keep it to basics

B: this is what is nice about it, you just have what u need and avoid all the clutter

A: thanks

B: so how many girls did you have in

A: lol, non at all

B: (astonished) why, though you are in Maadi and things are less complicated than other neighborhood

A: well, actually I never thought about it in that way.

B: shakl el bawab shedid awi,( seems your janitor is tough) sometimes they can ruin the whole thing

A: actually think rabena howa el shedid awi ( God is tougher, not the janitor), mesh el bawab

B: you are missing a lot


Brownie said...

You are not missing anything at all, may Allah keep u on the rigth path

Hechkok said...

You are missing a lot from a narrow point of view, in reality you will miss feeling everything for the first time with your wife if you already felt it before with someone else.