22 April, 2007


I simply love him, I may not look like a pooh lover, or any cartoon character lover. But when you take a closer look to me you will find simple hidden clues, a background of pooh on my laptop with my name in it, a pooh metal key chain. When passing by toy stores usually I stop for a min and chk it out quickly teddies and poohs usually demand my attention instantly, especially the big gigantic ones. Just want to hold them awi.

Speaking of holding we keda, I have something against kissing and hugging males but this is a totally different story.


E N G Y said...

I don't like Pooh, and can't tell the reason, it's really strange one:)
Yet,if I buy a gift for a baby or little kid, I choose Pooh, what can I do, kids love it!:(
They say that men are babies in male shapes, sounds true!:)

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

i love pooh... his kindness .... his sense of friendship ... actually i love all the group :)

from where u got this medal .. i have a typical one !!!!!!!!!!!

askandarani said...

This medal is very dear to me. It was a gift from a friend of a friend who knew i loved pooh and gave it to her, and she gave it to me almost 6 years ago. This friend is one of the most considerate, kind and sensitive person I ever came across in my life.