29 May, 2007

Don’t u like pets or what?

I love animals, when I was a child my favorite TV show was aalam el hayawan. But I never owned a pet. I love dogs, was my dream to have one, but my parents made it perfectly clear to me. “It is either we raise you or raise the dog” and think my choice was obvious.
Birds, well cant have an animal caged. Turtles are ok, but not cool. The little hamsters or gini pig, mom hate mice and mice related creatures.

This leave us with cats, and I don’t like them, I hate their attitude. When I was a little boy, I saw an elder girl holding her cat, but this cat jumped from her hand and scratched her. She told me cause my hands were cold!!!!!????? Another childhood scene was a dog a big german shepherd walking with a young man and the young man hits him heard with kooz dora, the dog does nothing and comes to him again and behaves more quietly.

Some says people who know how to handle cats are great with women, and vise versa; this will put me in the second category.

When I hold little animals in my hand, it takes my heart away, just the feeling the warmth of life coming from them, heart beating and breathing it is just sobhan allah. This is why I also don’t hold babies, not that I don’t know how to hold them but when I do I go all soft.

Thanks for
Miss Egyptiana for inspiring the post.

Ps. imagine if it was cat, was searching for clip of a great dane tickling a child but couldnt find it.


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

I am reading this book about a man who use to hate cats, and his experience after having one; he wrote a trilogy from the very first moment Norton (the cat) entered in his life until the last moment Norton said goodbye.

One of his quotes is "how you can hate something so vulnerable" and I add to that .. "so full of life"

I use to hate cats myself, but since I got one, i can easily call myself addicted, for they are so cute, so lovely, have their own personality and teach you how to respect em …

Usually cats bite and scratch for several reasons:
- as a way to play and show affection, between each other or with their owned humans :)
- in certain times which the owned human has to know well and stay away from them (eating, coupling, fighting)
- but generally in my opinion .. they may do that cause they have no trust in anyone at all… specially us

yes cats are like women… and real women love cats… and those who love cats know well how to deal with women :) facts of life

my favourit quote about cats is: "Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this."
Remember that Siamese were holly in Siam, and dwell only in temples
Remember the goddess Bastet of Egypt
Remember the association of felines with strength and courage

Some other quotes of cats can be found at: http://www.catscans.com/quotes.htm

It show how independent and magnificent they are … hope u open you heart a little to love these lovely fury creatures .. to love cats … and look at a different meaning of life

Brownie said...

me too i am very pet lover.
i had alot of pets throughout my life.
chicks, my fav when i was a kid,Rabbit,turtle,i did not like at all,birds,so stupid and doing nothing,wolf dog,i cried when he dies,and finally adorable cat.