28 May, 2007


Just the other day I walked home after work, it was round 6:30 the weather was great and I was in the mode to chk the availability of some new titles in alex. Along the 15 minute walk I came across 3 scenes

First scene:
a middle aged woman sitting on the pavement beside a wheel chair holding a 12 years old boy who seems to be autistic and begging for money. The scene was really hard on my heart I really wished I could stop and help her, but I didn’t. just continued walking without giving her a second glance.

The thing is I don’t give money to beggars, though it sometimes hurts me awi emotionally but still never give money to them. In the street when someone asks for money I simply ask y? want to buy food, medicine, a ticket or pay a hospital bill will help out, but will never give money. Sometimes the conversation really turns out to be interesting but No matter how loud they shout or how hard they try to embarrass others in public.

Second scene:
Just minutes later came across a middle aged woman bardo, but this time opening the back door of a car and holding a little white dog while 2 other men pouring bottled water in a small bowl for the dog to drink. Just didn’t know how to feel.

Third scene:
A young man and a woman were walking along Safeya Zagloul street and holding hands and swinging their hands as they walked, their footsteps, waving of the hand even their shoulder rhymed. They were foreigners and seemed out of this world. I envied them for the way the held their hands.

Finally, my favorite newspaper stand in El Raml Station, do you have الحكي فوق مكعبات رخام ؟ no, never heard of it, but give me the publisher name and will get it for u. I ended up getting business today and pc mag. If I am lucky enough, inshaa ALLAH will be reading super mickey and mickey geib in the weekend.

""أنت ليه مبتمسكش أيدى وأحنا ماشيين فى الشارع"لأ بلاش...أفرضى حد من قرايبك شافنا؟ ولا حد من أصحاب أخوكى فى الكلية؟ إن شاء الله يا حبيبتى بكره نتخطب وأمسك أيديكى قدام الدنيا كلها"

أنت ليه مبتمسكش أيدى وأحنا ماشيين فى الشارع""علشان موش عايز حد يفتكر إننا علشان أتخطبنا هنسوق فيها بقه...وبعدين بصراحة كده أنا مستحرم...إن شاء الله بكره نتجوز وأمسك أيدك وإنتى مراتى حبيبتى فى الحلال

"أنت ليه مبتمسكش أيدى وأحنا ماشيين فى الشارع""يا حبيبتى إحنا موش مراهقين بقه هنمسك إيد بعض فى الشارع...إحنا أتنين متوجوزين ومحترمين وعندنا بيت نعمل فيه اللى عايزين نعمله

أنت ليه مبتمسكش أيدى وأحنا ماشيين فى الشارع""يعنى أمسك أيدك ولا أمسك أيد البنت ولا أشيل الأكياس دى كلها"

"أنت ليه مبتمسكش أيدى وأحنا ماشيين فى الشارع""أيدك أيه بس اللى همسكها دلوقتى...إنتى عايزه جوز بنتك يقول علينا كبرنا وخرفنا"

اللهم نقي أعمالنا من الرياء ونقي قلوبنا من النفاق ونق أعيننا من الخيانة اللهم اجعل كل أعمالنا خالصة لوجهك الكريم

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Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Lovely touchy post as usual dear; allow me to comment on those very widely seen scenes

Scene one:
giving money to beggars, mmm I don't do that either, maybe cause I know that they are mostly organized work, and ruled by "fetewa" or whoever .. Maybe cause I don't like to give money for nothing... I would prefer to but 10 clinex than give money that will end up in the hand of a drug dealer for ex.

Scene two:
Don’t u like pets or what? :) Anyway I will only say .. money talk … and I have to admit,,, I treat my cats the same…

Scene three:
U brought an old memory to my mind dear askandarani .. Holding hands and swinging them come when the two are so passionate about each other… few are like this.. few see it as their right in life to enjoy the moments they spend tgthr.. few.. very few

اسكندرية تانى
واه من العشق يانى
This melody just resounds in my head :) I wonder why