09 June, 2007

creature of light

For me she is a creature of light with a big kind heart, I like checking on her occasionally just to c the smile on her face. I feel she sheds soft white worm light on her surroundings. When she talks you sense a smile in her voice and when she talks fast you feel her tongue cant keep up with all the goodness inside her.

For me she is light in a dark see, even when she is down the light is never out. May she live a happy life along with all the goodness and richness life can offer her.


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

that description goes to my mother ... she is my creature of light ... god bless her ... and give her happiness and health ... amin

E N G Y said...

Wish she can read this!:)

askandarani said...

miss Egyotiana, amin for your prayers and for all our mothers.

Donzela, wish she never read this

Anonymous said...

Me too I wish she can read this and really got the meaning :)