13 November, 2007

Cannibalizing on relations

Unmet targets means intensifying marketing activity, and this where I least perform, simply cause I am too shy to make the first call. Yes SHY.
I do my homework right, study potential subjects, gather info and understand the business and needs but when the moment of truth comes to make the first contact baaaaammmmmmm I freeze and chicken out.

The worst situation ever was the first time I went to Her house and proposed to her dad, yahhhhhhhhhhhhhh speaking of being out of words, 3 minutes and I was completely out of words. And to make matters worse, Her dad sensed the embarrassment I was suffering and tired hard not to laugh but a light smile gave him away.

So my coward technique involve finding people I know who know people I can target some call this “networking” but still even in this I cant do it in a natural way and feel I am cannibalizing (other prefer the term “Capitalizing”) on relations.

Friends are friends business shouldn’t be involved cause it will ruin it as the true purpose of friendship will be distorted. ( feel I am meshayes in the concept)

Finally, if anyone have any good business contacts pls do pass them along ( kidding, or am I not)


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

u r exellent in expressing yourself verbally ... common ... take a deep breath and go for it ... لا يحك جلدك مثل ظفرك

Rubi said...

i know v.well what u r talking about my friend, because as outspoken and easy going i am with my friends i am exactly the opposite when it comes when meeting new people. I too had similar horrible experiences at work. You can imagine how the 1st time i had 2 give a presentation(which is a requirement in my job)was like. Horrible to the max.
Speaking loudly infront of some 100new faces.Ya Allah it felt awful.
Anyway what i mean to tell is that being your friend i know you are quite expressive and impressive aswell. You don't lack knowledge nor personality, all what situations like that need is some practice and preperation never hurt.
Can't say that i am a perfect speaker nor do i give the best presentations but i certainly have come a long way from that dreadful 1st presentation.
And if i can do it i am sure you can.Just go to more business calls and u 'll master them eventually