13 November, 2007

a quote

What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other.

How true, but this was said in a different time, in a different place by a person who just wanted her thoughts to be taken seriously, remembered this qyote when i read it in a blog

Now some do live with the same motto but with the “less” removed. I do find such people all around me starting from work, streets even mosques.

Life shouldn’t be easy, people should suffer, if I can make things tough I should do so with no regret, why should I be the only one suffering or having a tough time.

I miss seeing people reaching for and helping others out. Why should such actions be strange and when occurring to be highlighted as if this isn’t the norm. this really hurt.

There is a verse in Quran about giving, and giving form what we love the most. For some money has no value while their time is more precious, if they give out of their money is good, but if they give out of their time is much better.

Prayers for tonight for tolerance and understanding to fill our hearts.


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

may god give us the strength to accept what we cannot change, and change what we can to the better... amin

people are losing faith, that is why smiles disappear from faces, and turnnig to be self centered ... ana we men ba3dy al a7'aron is the motto

and that is the first step towards doom

Pink Unicorn said...

Like you, seeing the quote drove me thinking of so much that goes around .. that’s why I added it to my blog.
But you know what, as long as I apply it and you apply it and X and Y of people does too, then it’s not an extinct anymore ..
I’ve met some of the people you mentioned who find their pleasure in making a living hell out of others lives, but I still live by the hope that there is still good in some people’s hearts and that good will grow more and more as long as we have mercy inside.

Arabic ID said...

actually this verse from the quran is one of my rules in life, even in simple things as paying a ticket in the transportation, you know I may have old money and new ones, so I pay first the new ones, and ofcourse I try to apply the ayah in many other situations in my life.

your blog is special some how,inshaa alah I will follow your posts ..