10 February, 2008


Ok, Friday started on the wrong foot, for some reason or other dark clouds started together round me. The hunt for an appt was delayed for almost an hour and half, then a phone call from a friend telling me that I “must” submit a case study (yes, yet another one) on Saturday and the final exam is next Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Things I didn’t have a clue about. All this to add to my super stressed self. But thank Allah later in the night things started to brighten up again, the case study and the exam shifted a week, the driver came and somehow was a happy hunt. Met an old friend and my usual trip to virgin that included buying 4 books of which one tackles questions with scientific analysis, like why penguin feet don’t freeze.

Finally after, long anticipation managed to pass by Diwan bookstore, mesh 3aref, it is really nice, but thought it would be much more, with more books, better display and a wow factor associated with it.

Cilantro el mesa7a is becoming a real addiction, like cilantro, the place feels familiar despite its location, think it is a true Egyptian success story.

Enormous amount of negative energy is generating from my department, which makes me feel really bad. And it hurts to see my friends feeling so and not really do anything about it.

Helping s friend prepare a valentine day gift, never thought it would be so difficult or expensive either, a rose, costs 50 pounds, ya3ni if I want to send a couple of dozens I am talking about 1,200 pound, WOW.

Think I am falling in love with Maadi, don’t know why. Seems like a familiar place, unlike Nasr city and mokatam.

My newest urge is buying a wireless mouse and keyboard, I almost did, but the sales guy noted it doesn’t have Arabic characters on it. Saved by the bell.

Want to go to Omra, I cant believe it, and if I told anyone probably they will call me a fanatic or plain crazy, out there is just really addictive.


Pink Unicorn said...

You know it’s usual that days would start roughly then get better ..
I’m not a fan of Cairo myself , I think I’ll live and die in Alex , but as long as you like it then best of luck with your search ..

And as for Omrra, I don’t think you’re crazy at all .. it’s very normal that you wanna go back .. most of people do .. I guess visiting once makes you always needing more, and that’s the greatness and holiness of the place.
Good luck with that and may God accept ..

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

wow.. many interesting points you have triggered here dear askandarani ... welcome back to the real world

friday: i hate this day... although it is holly... bey2olo en el gom3a feha sa3a na7s :)

cilantro: i prefer beanos, bas as u said, it feels also like home in cilantro :) beit el nas kolaha heheheheh

book stores: diwan is expensive, virgin is average, bookspot is the best :) it has been sometimes since i read anything :( life is consuming me

Valentine: ???? a flower worth 50 pounds ... how come? eh da heya el donia 3'alia keda

Omra: yes it is ... mecca is an addictive place ... god grant us the visit .. amin

have a good day dear, and keep in touch... ps: i published something of my scary things :D hope u like it

Rubi said...

oh dear how i miss diwan and Cairo.
Ur post made feel very nostalgic my friend:((((