19 February, 2008


Was Thursday, spent it at work till may be 12:30 am then home to prepare a presentation for college which was due in a couple of hours.

Not a valentine person khales, I always had my own vision of valentine that till now never materialized. But at least this valentine managed to help a friend really walk the extra mile to get his fiancée a gift. And for the first time ever I sent S flowers.

Yes. Didn’t send Her flowers and S was the first one to get flowers from me, the little story behind S’s flowers is just we had a talk just before valentines’, and asked about her plans for the day she said “nothing, khales, just hope I have a “mysterious lover” some where who will surprise me this valentine and keep me wondering who he is”
So, just wanted to surprise her, sent her flowers, and signed “mysterious A” to spare her the anxiety and el hamdulelah she figured it out instantly. Just hope I put a smile on her face that day.

Snaps I came across,

The patisserie I get snacks from was rather crowded for a Thursday, men and women getting something sweet to share at home for the occasion.

A couple eloquently dressed the guy withdrawing money from the ATM and the lady in the car, but a frown on their faces.

A quick chat with a coworker which ended by me projecting my self as an anti marriage person.

A group of friends buying a big red teddy for someone,

Red balloons hanged by a flower shop.

Discovered my night chocolate spree ended up with chocolates meant for couples.

When I feel cold I think of Her, and when I am worm I also think of Her. Think I will start to hate winter


Shimaa Gamal said...

Happy Valentine's day :)
I remembered you with every page I read in "el 7aky fo2 mok3abat el rokham" not because it is urs ;) but because there is light at the end of the tunnel.
tab3an mesh ha7ra2lak el ketab
anyway, if u started to hate winter there are many good things about autumn to be loved. Summer still can be fun regardless el talzee2 :) el mohem ... the opposite of love isn't hate, it is indifference.

nahnoh said...
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